Hey, I’m Nolan.

My bio:
formerly engineer on the autopilot team at Tesla 2020-‘22. Reported to Elon, the CEO,
every few weeks for close to a year. Worked before that at Google 2019 doing “big data”
stuff for a new ads team (Showcase Shopping ads, which you may have seen). And before
that for US Navy SYSCOM 2017-‘18 with a secret security clearance, serving US Marine
Corps units worldwide.

I recently quit my gig at Tesla to work on some new projects. If you’re interested in
chatting, just send me an email: holden.nolan[at]gmail.com

Other interests:
- Flying: I’m an FAA private-rated pilot (if you want to talk shop or fly sometime,
  let me know)
- CNS regeneration: In 2019, I broke my neck and drowned during a trip in Madagascar. I
  was instantly paralysed from a cervical SCI. So, I’m very interested in solving this
  problem (CNS regeneration for SCI/TBI/etc), specifically for those who were—and will
  be—less fortunate than me. If you know anything please reach out. (Btw, I recovered,
  but it was not easy, or short.)

My resume is available for your viewing pleasure.